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* Pi's BD + Celeb + Marti 7 months *

Sunday :: November 25, 2007







ǡʹ Birthday Party ͧ¤ú 4 Ǻ




 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months




(. شͧҡ Qkids PT ŹФ

ǹ Bob the builder ѹ ҡ nissen )


ǹ㨪¹ͧ...ҧ繹ͧ׹֡ҹͧ 仡ʹЧ ͧͧ仵º

繹ͧͧͧʹ ¡᡹ФҺ


͡Ѻسµ͹10 Royal Kitchen

Ҥس͹ ҡҷ ʸ çͧͧѹ




 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months




 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months





 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months

繾ش ͡ ҡ... ⵡҹաԴФ




任ҹ ӵҨ

ͺԴ...袹Ҵҹ Ƕ١ͧ...Ԫһ˹Ƿֹ

ǡҾ¹١ 555 ᴴҡ˹¹෤ѹҡ...



 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months







 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months



 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months



 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months



  Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months





Monday :: November 26, 2007







 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months




Shes gonna get married this weekwow!!!



 Can you guess who????









Look who she is.

 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months




ҡµ͹( 괴) ҡͷͨҡ

ͺ ١Դ 555

ͧҡѺس Ѵ û. ա 1

ͨ稸 ǡҶٻ

ͧҾٴ§͹  just one


Ǩԧ ¹ѡҡ ͺ͡!!!





ͧҺ ⴹ´ͺ º.... ҡ


Tuesday :: November 27, 2007


ҹǡ价Ӹз office Ѻᴴ


; 3-6 m Ե 555

͹ͺ׹ش 仴١ѹ







. ʹҹ㹡Сҧࡧ sponsored by ҡ...ͺسҺ

 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months


ҡѺѺ价ҹǷ zen ѹ


Թ˹٨зӷ˹Ҵ µǴ ǨժѴ


ҡͧѺ ͹˭ҹͧ

(ѹ Ѻ ͹ ˹ ?)


͹͹ ҹ蹡ѹ褹١


ͧشҡ鹪͵ͧ ҡ˹ٷ

¹ա÷ͧ ҵ F down-across-across

e round-round


˹٤¹ ҧ ҷҧç¹Ъͺ


ǹҴٻ ˹٪ͺҴ monster ҡ... monster

monster marti, monster mommy, monster whaleetc.



ᴴѺ ˹١ѹᴴǾ׹ʹ




 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months

 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months




Wednesday:: November 28, 2007



ؤú 7 ͹

Ѳҡ÷繪Ѵ ˹׹ ö֧Ǣ׹ͧ


ǧҧѹ͹ ǧ觶繾 硤蹨ҹ



ѹ件֧ѧҹ ͪ觹˹ѡ »á˹ѡŧ

괴 ....١ҷҹ͹

ҹ˹ ˹ѡ 1 մ ЫԹ



 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months




ҳҵ... ....з....

˹١ͷҹ ˹ҹǴ´ ()


͹áͶ ͨԡ....

...Ф ѧҡ...



͹Ѻ ˹çҺ ҺԹ͹

令»ͻ͵ǡѺ ҡѾword ա


仸з J ave

Թҹͺͧủ 괴 हപ

ҡѺ˹ºɡ ¡ҡ ç....ͧ

ѧպ D2B 觤ա...

ҷԵѧ ǧ celebs Шԧ

ͷء ֡ͧ



͹ѺѺҹ͹ 觷ӧҹ


ͺ͡仪ͻҹ ⴴ鹨ҡ͹...

Ҷ֧͵鹤ա ªǹٻ͹


 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months


Ӹ ¾ҹ繷 Ootoya

Caesar salad ˹٪ͺҹҡ Ǵ

͹ҧ ͹áҹ

º͡ ҷҹǾ觹Ǩ¹Ф...˹ҹ



 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months




觹ç¹ game day sport day

...Bear Team

¡ House 4 houseTiger-red, Elephant-Blue, Lion-Yellow,Bear-Green

觹ͧǴ ͹áͨҡҡ ç¹ҷѹʹ¢ç¹աҨ ͺسҡҡ

١Ѻҹ accessories Դǡ١Ƿѹҡç¹





ôԴ͹....Bear Team ͧ˹ ַ

ѧ celebrities աº di ˹

to be continued ka..


 Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months     Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months     Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months     Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months    Pi s BD Celeb Marti 7 months



ͧອ Ҥ 絹Ҩ¡

ͧ...觵蹡դѧ ç¹ʵªͺǭҵҧ觾͡繤¹ ͹էҹxmas ء

...ä Ѵṹءͧ͡ ԡ ṹʻԵաҧҡФ

ͧ ١觹ФФسͧ

ͧ Ǩ ͺسǧ

˭ 硨ǻҳص觤ٳͧص

˹ ѹ˹͹

ͧ...ѡ...ŧá ҡ

ͧ 繼蹨 ͹ʡ

¨ ʧѹš¹ ѺѡФس

ҹҨ͹¨ ١д


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