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* Ferrari 3.10 Y + Marti 1.3 Y *


Posted on Tue 5 Aug 2008 23:33

Can't believe Ferr is 3.10 yrs. old and Marti is already 1.3 yrs. old!! last time I saw you, you were still pregnant with Marti (and now he already becomes a super baby!!!)..It feels like yesterday!

Ferr looks really mature...maybe having a baby brother teach her to be a gentle, caring and responsible girl na...btw, love her outfits and hair style!!

I wanna teach N'Kat the Thai alphabets and some Thai manners, too but it's so difficult to teach her in this environment...wish they have the Thai lessons at Wat Thai here (but there's little hope 'cause I live in a small town..sad)!

Ma si...ma si...if you wanna visit a small town in Georgia...there is free accomodation! : )
Fri 8 Aug 2008 0:02 [4]

ҡ ͺ


ҹԹ觾ٴҡ ǹ

: )
Thu 7 Aug 2008 19:29 [3]

ͧѡѹҡ ¤ ҹԻ蹨͡鹷 Իʹء´ҡ ¤

ͺػҡ ¤ ^^
Tue 5 Aug 2008 23:26 [2]

س ҹҹҹҹǤ ѹʺ͡鹤á

ͪФ ҹԴҤسŹͧըѧ¤ 駤سͧͧ͢¤ ҹ֡ͺ蹴ըѧ ҴٻҾСͺФ ѡԧ

ͺҾҹͧйͧʹѹҡ¤ ֡Ҿͧѡѹѧ

͹حҵ ԴΌ䴵仹Ф^_^
Tue 5 Aug 2008 23:22 [1]


Ѻ͡Ẻ ҡѺǤس ^^